How important is it to have a robust backup and recovery process in place? Absolutely vital!

Whether your environment is virtual or physical, or a combination of both, make sure you know for certain that systems and data can be restored with minimal fuss and downtime. This includes cloud based such as Office 365. Your business needs to be operational as soon as practically possible.

To try and minimise the spread and impact of ransomware:

  • Conduct a full review of who and what has access to systems and company data.
  • Are there any users that have permissions and access to sever shares that they simply don't require?
  • Ensure anti-virus protection is on all devices and this is updated regularly and can detect all known threats
  • Does your network have firewalls in the right place and are they configured correctly?
  • Ensure all hardware and software is regularly updated and the latest patches and firmware tested and applied.
  • Introduce Secure Email gateway technologies.
  • DNS Web filtering solutions to stop users from visiting dangerous websites and downloading malicious files.

Ensure your data is backed up in multiple places, such as your main storage area, on local disks and by utilising a cloud continuity service because paying the attacker for the decryption key should never be an option!