When I first learnt how to drive, the only technological issue I had was when my car stereo chewed up my favourite cassette (A very early volume of Now That's What I Call Music). Nobody could disturb me by calling or texting while I was driving, and I had to manually wind down my window to get any cool air. Technology has significantly moved on, and whilst I appreciate that the advances in the automotive industry has made our lives safer, more convenient and somewhat easier, it has arguably, also made us all a little lazy.

When it comes to what data vehicles can store, I have forensically examined infotainment systems, and let me tell you, they store a shed load of information! And yes, this includes data from your connected smart phone. The upside here is that in one particular case I investigated, the criminals who thought they had got away with murder (and I do literally mean murder) were sadly mistaken. The important point I am making here is, that when it comes to a forensic investigation, don't automatically assume all hope is lost if the subject has conveniently 'lost' their phone. I am not saying all vehicles can be successfully examined for evidence, but it is an avenue of investigation that shouldn't be overlooked.

What do I think about having the latest tech in my car and home? Well, with the exception of one sole security camera, I have resisted in introducing IoT in my home. Firstly because I think it's an unnecessary expense, and secondly, I simply don't feel the need to automate my personal world. Yes my job involves technology and it does fascinate me, but broadband and a smart phone are sufficient for my personal needs. In a world of unsavoury groups and individuals, I think I prefer to minimise the risk.

Whatever your view is on this, advances in technology will continue to evolve, and 'Get Smarter'. We as humans I feel are lagging behind in this area, even if we are the creators (Skynet springs to mind).

As well as pitfalls, there is no doubt that an all connected world has lots of benefits. Just be very wary of the data you store behind these connections and think carefully about the security measures you need to implement in order to keep prying eyes out.

Remember.............Connections Encourage Hackers!