During the start of the Pandemic we have seen an increase in companies approaching us needing PFI investigations. In addition to this, it's not a secret that large organisations have been been under threat and compromised during these pressing times. 

What is the cause of this increase?

It has come to light that there are many different possible reasons as to why there is an increase in attacks.  This could be:

- Staff are working from home with a more relaxed attitude to security.

- A remote infrastructure has been created with limited time available resulting in additional security holes.

- In the absence of available staff to run routine checks and updates, attackers have more time to come up with methods of compromise and execute them.

- Attackers have more spare time due to more redundancies and time off work.

As comical as that last point may sound, I doubt it very much that attackers with malicious intent would waste potential hacking time. This is why it is more important that ever to keep up to date with security patches and maintain a compliant (at the minimum) state of digital security.