As I sit awake in the small hours of the day, I often turn to the video streaming services that we all seem to have access to nowadays, to provide me some entertainment and distraction from starting work before the sun has come up (it didn't go entirely to plan this morning though). 

I stumbled across some hacking related videos and did some further digging which resulted in a number of hits in the search results, and not just the usual Mr Robot, Swordfish, Blackhat or War Games type results either. Although many of those popular and not so realistic or technically accurate results appeared, I was slightly surprised to see so many documentaries and educational videos about pen testing, social engineering, red teams, a number of security awareness training series, learn ethical hacking with NMap training course and even a video about Malicious Microsoft Office Document Analysis.

Now I haven’t yet had a chance to watch all of the content or validate how accurate all of it is just yet; but I thought that it would be certainly worth sharing to the wider world. 

Especially as many of the data breaches I have investigated here at 3B Data Security often occur from relatively simple failures or means, that with a little education could either be avoided, the impact reduced or the issue detected quicker. 

In my opinion any sources of education on these topics can only be positive thing, especially when it is free. Of course by free I really mean, the subscription is already being paid for, because you have no patience and must have next day delivery for those items you purchase online nowadays! 

Likewise, if you are looking to get into Cyber Security or Pen Testing then these may be of interest and are easily accessible. 

If you do happen to have Prime Video and have the time, try searching for 'Cyber Security' or 'Hacking', just be careful if you search for 'IT' and you're afraid of Clowns as you may not appreciate the search results!

Naturally, if you need some more formal Cyber Security Training then get in touch.