The subject of this article worked under my command for a period of time 25 years ago and this, unfortunately, highlights again that the depraved do indeed walk among us and that this type of heinous crime is not just a figment of a digital forensic investigators imagination. 

Dealing with this type of case is, or has been, a daily challenge for most DFIR investigators and can have a significant impact on your mental well-being. 

I am fortunate that after 22 years in the military and 15 years as a forensic investigator in the private sector, I can partition the distressing side of what I have seen, and had to deal with, and I am certainly not bragging when I say that there is nothing else I could see that would shock me. Not everybody is lucky enough to have that type of coping mechanism and this should act as a reminder to all those that manage and mentor DFIR teams that mental well-being should not be taken for granted.