Allowing home security devices, that are not securely protected, to connect to the Internet leaves them vulnerable to cyberattack.

Firstly, ensure the router is appropriately configured and systems are patched. Configure your Wi-Fi with a guest network and use a strong password; also, do not share your Wi-Fi and disable SSID broadcast. 

Secondly, use random unique passwords for such devices and two-factor authentication for additional protection. Ensure you keep device firmware, software, and mobile apps up to date as these updates usually include essential security patches.

Finally, some physical security tips. Firstly, locate your devices sensibly to prevent them from being stolen; secondly, consider security and privacy and do not share CCTV footage on social media.

It might also be worth checking your IP address on Shodan; if the devices are visible then secure your home network with a VPN to hide the IP addresses and encrypt data.