Like many security systems, there will be flaws and vulnerabilities that will eventually be capitalised on. The more prominent organisations are always a target for hackers because generally the rewards are greater, and Microsoft is far from immune.

It would be great if organisations (and by that, I mean their CTO, CISO, Head of IT Security etc) really knew their IT landscape, systems, people, and policies etc. This goes a long way for cyber security companies in getting to know the environment, including all the constraints, so that the appropriate guidance and support can be given. 

The use of MFA will undoubtedly always be one of the many security features that we as cyber security consultants recommend as part of a wider engagement. Just remember to always strive to improve your company’s overall cyber security using the right tools and resources when necessary. Having MFA enabled within Microsoft 365 is a must, however, we often see that so many of the other security features are very often overlooked. 3B Data Security’s Retainer and SOC service can be the mechanism to constantly challenge your company’s security posture, test your processes, staff, and the technologies in place, such as MFA.