As explained in the article, a hacking group has shared their success of hacking into "multiple large profitable companies" and then using ransomware to obtain funds.

These funds were then donated to a couple of charities ($10,000 in bitcoin to each). At this current stage, one charity has refused such donation.

However, what extra steps can be done by a company trying to protect themselves from these vigilantes?

 - Regularly backup systems with storage separate to the system you are backing up. Even if you do not have dedicated backup software, using the "System Restore" function within Windows will be sufficient. 

 - If you believe you are under attack with ransomware, then isolate the infected system from the local network to prevent others from being attacked over the internal network. 

 - Disable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Many Cryptolockers and Filecoders use RDP as part of their method to obtain remote access. RDP should only be turned on when required and then disabled once no longer in use.

 - Maintain the latest patches for Security Software such as Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware. In addition to this, only use trusted security software from a well known vendor. Importantly only install the software from a verified location such as the vendor's own website.

The last thing anyone wants is their data being put at ransom by any Merry Men. Therefore, it is critical that with more and more companies being attacked by ransomware that an official action plan to target ransomware is put in place. 

According to "In the first three quarters of 2019, 7.2 billion malware attacks were launched".

As Little John said - "You’re only powerless if you believe you’re powerless".

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