Research has uncovered a new "Scam-as-a-Service" operation. In this latest threat a complete turn-key service is available which enables thieves to target potential victims using the Telegram platform as a communications channel.

The service, offered by a Russian speaking group of cybercriminals, has been found in use by at least 40 organised crime gangs to date, and doubtless more will be found as well. The scam service is known to have produced at least $6.5m of proceeds during 2020 - this is almost certainly an underestimate of the true extent of this particular criminal enterprise.

The "scam-as-a-service" element comes in terms of the support and advanced automation that is deployed to execute the scams. Innocent prospective victims are fooled into communicating with a chatbot and directed to automatically generated fake pages. Read the story to get the full details. Something to be wary of, but also to take note of the advanced tactics and capabilities being deployed for even fairly mundane cyber-enabled crime.